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View IG Stories Anonymously 🤫

Experience Instagram Stories like never before with BlindStory – Your confidential gateway to watching and downloading content without leaving a trace. Learn more about Instagram Story Viewer Anonymously

Find All You Need in One App

Discover the Amazing Features!

Instagram Stories

Watch HD stories and highlights of Instagram users without a trace.

Instagram Search

Search any public account you wonder and see their story details.

Easy to Use

Add people to "Favorites" to get notified whenever they post a new story.

Download & Repost Stories

Retrieve the stories you've enjoyed watching and seize the opportunity to repost them effortlessly.

Stay Informed, Stay Stealthy. Never miss a captivating moment from your favorite accounts.

Ultimate Anonymous Story Viewer. Blindstory empowers you to explore Instagram Stories without notifying the account owner.

Effortless and Seamless. Simplicity meets convenience. No more worrying about notifications – enjoy an uninterrupted, private viewing experience

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Elevate Your Instagram Experience

Experience seamless reposting and enhance your Instagram storytelling with Blindstory – your ultimate tool for effortless story sharing; download now!

Premium Pricing

Choose the perfect premium plan that suits your needs


  • Choose and Pin Profiles
  • HD Profile Photos
  • Search and View Stories
  • Repost Stories
Save 33%

6 Months

  • Choose and Pin Profiles
  • HD Profile Photos
  • Search and View Stories
  • Repost Stories
Save 50%


  • Choose and Pin Profiles
  • HD Profile Photos
  • Search and View Stories
  • Repost Stories


Blindstory is an advanced IG story viewer that allows you to watch Instagram stories anonymously. Say goodbye to screenshots or other methods – you can enjoy amazing content without anyone knowing.

With Blindstory, you can watch Instagram stories anonymously, keeping your viewing habits private. No more worries about being noticed while staying informed.

Absolutely! Use Blindstory’s “Favorites” feature to keep track of your preferred accounts’ stories. Get notified about new stories without revealing your presence.

Definitely! Our HD profile photos feature lets you see profile images in high definition. Zoom in for a closer look at those captivating details.

Reposting stories is a breeze with Blindstory. Our process is streamlined to make sure you can share content seamlessly and without any fuss.

In the free version, you can explore Blindstory’s various capabilities. This includes watching, reposting, and adding multiple users to your favorites – all to enhance your IG story interactions.

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